USA Roller Sports Annual Board of Directors Meeting

October 1-3, 2004

U.S. Olympic Training Center
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Report to the North Central Region

The following report has been prepared as requested by the North Central Artistic Skating Coaches Association at their annual meeting last June.

Dave Morrell Resigns from the Board

Dave Morrell has retired from the Board. Bill Spooner has agreed to assume Dave's duties in the effort to update the USARS testing materials.

New Class Campaign Outlined

Toby Mathews outlined his proposed "How To" manual to stimulate growth of skaters and classes.

New Surface for National Floor under Consideration

A representative from TiTE-Tanium Specialty Floor Coatings made a presentation to the Board, requesting that they be considered as suppliers for the plastic surface for the National Championships in Pensacola. The Board will consider their offer along with the attributes of their product, contact Roll-On to give them an opportunity to match the bid, and make a decision based on the findings of their inquiry. TiTE-Tanium is offering payment to USARS for allowing them to become suppliers and also donating the product for the meet. A major factor will be the amount of time needed for floor preparation prior to the meet.

World Meet Update

The World Meet in Fresno will receive TV coverage. FOX Sports plans to televise the exhibitions of champions following the meet. It is planned as a one hour show to be aired during the Christmas holidays, during the week between 3-6p.m. USARS has the opportunity to fill 10 slots of advertising during this presentation if we can come up with $25,000. A small cost for such a valuable oppportunity to present our sport to the nation. COMCAST Cable Network also is proposing to tape the three nights of World Class competition to be broadcast on their network and make it available to COMCAST nationwide at no cost.

There will be a FIRS Congress held in Fresno on November 26. The following countries are asking to be recognized by FIRS. Bulgaria (speed and figure), Georgia (speed and figure), Honduras (speed, figure), Iran (speed), Nigeria (speed), Luxembourg (speed, figure), Sierra Leone (speed), Ivory Coast (speed), Nambia (speed), Romania (speed, figure, hockey), Bosnia (speed), Turkey (speed, hockey).

The Olympic Committee has designated five sports as eligible to be adopted as part of the 2012 Summer Games pending a review of all sports and the possibility of eliminating some of the present participants. Roller Sports appears to be at the top of the list and it does look promising.

Coaches/Judges Conferences

Joint Coaches/Judges/RSA training sessions are under consideration. However, for 2005 the Coaches/Judges Conference is tentatively being planned for December 2005 at the Boardwalk in Las Vegas.

Any coach who attends the World Meet will be given credit toward recertification.

Pensacola Still Site for Nationals

While Pensacola did sustain major damage in the hurricane, both the Civic Center and the Grand Hotel were fortunate to only experience minor damage and will be able to host the championships as scheduled.

New Rule Books Available Shortly

The 2004-2005 Rule books will be distributed shortly. Plans are to distribute them on CD. They will be mailed with coaches/judges credentials. Plans are to return to plastic cards for amateur credentials with the color changing for each year.

Regional Medals to Be Awarded for Fourth Place

Medals will be awarded to 4th place at Regionals in all Figure events and Speed J.O. events. In all other speed events 4th place will receive a certificate. At Nationals all Figure events and Speed events will receive medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd only while J.O. Speed events will receive a 4th place medal.

Late Fee for National Entries

A $20.00 late entry fee will be added to the cost for any skater whose National entry is not received by the deadline date.

New Procedure for Banked Track Qualification

In addition to the Colorado and Florida Banked Track Clinics, a system of Level 1 Local and Regional Clinics was proposed to qualify skaters to participate in the Banked Track Nationals. The skater must pass the time requirements and receive a positive evaluation from the clinic leader, however, approval to compete will not be granted unless the skater attends a half day clinic at the banked track before the Outdoor Nationals. All clinic leaders must be approved by USARS.

Tentative Dates for 2005 Championships

Outdoor Nationals: Colorado Springs, Colorado

May 26 thru June 1, 2005

Nationals: Pensacola, Florida

Speed: July 16-23, 2005 (quads, July 23)

Figure: July 24- August 7, 2005

The schedule for Nationals is being reviewed and should be ready soon.

The management corporation which owns Pershing Auditorium and the Pensacola Civic Center holds more than 30 properties across the country and is presenting a proposal which would allow the Nationals and other major competitions to move to many cities across the country.

Board Elects Officers

Chairman/President: George Kolibaba

Vice President: Jim Pollard

Treasurer: Charles Kirchner

Corporate Secretary: Richard Hawkins

Charles Kirchner was elected to the position of At-Large Director.

David Adamy was elected to serve the remaining two years of Dave Morrell's position of Grassroots Director.

The Committee on Committees was retained.

Semi-Annual Board Meeting

The Semi-Annual Board Meeting will be held in Anaheim, California on February 4-6, 2005.

Respectfully Submitted,

Doris Giardini