September 2003 Annual Board Meeting


September 23, 2003

This is just a note to bring everyone up to speed after the Annual Board of Directors Meeting in Lincoln, NE. September 19 – 21, 2003.

It was my first visit to this meeting and was overwhelmed at first with the Agenda that they had to cover in such a short time. It was a well run meeting and they did get a lot done.

There were many “business” items to attend to and I enjoyed hearing about the speed and hockey items. What I want to tell you is more about the Artistic items as I know it is on most of your minds.

Be sure to check the Regional/National Draw as more errors were corrected during this meeting. (Classic Ladies in particular)
Jane Wojnarowsky presented a note to the Board and Artistic Committee regarding the rule for Jr. WC and Sr. WC dance events not being eligible to skate solo dance. Her suggestion was to allow Jr. WC to skate solo. This needs to go before the Artistic Technical Committee and then back to the Board in February.
A letter from Bob Labriola was also in this committee report regarding some changes in some of the solo events. This also, must go before the Artistic Technical Committee and then back to the Board in February.
The National Coaches Representative Meeting suggestions will also go to the Artistic Technical Committee. Please note that many items in this report will be addressed in the Performance Enhancement Report.
Performance Enhancement Report – the committee is not finished with its proposal. They need to finalize the changes and do a cost analysis. This will be done before the Congress/Expo/Master Games in Las Vegas in December. It will be presented at that time to the Coaches/Judges for feedback before finalization at the February 2004 Board Meeting.
Region restructuring was not addressed at this meeting as there are too many other items of a more urgent nature to be dealt with.
The Figure Cup series has been postponed until next year. More planning needed. A committee was formed to help get it off the ground.
The dates for Nationals for 2004 are as follows:
July 17 – 24 - Speed Skating (Standard & Junior Olympic)
July 25 - Speed Marathon and Jam Skating
July 26 - Figure Skating Practice
July 27 –Aug. 6 - Standard Figure Skating Comptition
August 7 – 10 - Junior Olympic Figure Skating
It seems like Artistic did not accomplish as much as needed but hopefully by December’s Congress/Expo, things will be a lot clearer.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at Please share this e-mail with fellow skaters.

Diane Brown, North Central Region - President