2003 North Central Regional Minutes


2003 Annual Meeting Minutes

Submitted by: Jim Seaman

The 2003 Annual Meeting of the North Central USA Roller Sports Association (the Association) was called to order on June 15, 2003, at 6:00 PM by Chairman Diane Brown.

The 2002 Annual Meeting Minutes, held September 15, 2002, and the Treasurer’s Report, dated June 10, 2003, were distributed. The Treasurer reviewed his report and indicated that, as of the meeting, a balance of $2,204.21 was on deposit in the Association’s account. $250.00 is due from the Hosts of the 2003 Regional Championships. A motion was made and seconded from the floor to accept the minutes and approve the report; subsequent vote to accept/approve was unanimous.

Jim Seaman and Rick Carson made brief comments related to the 2003 Regional Championships; the number of participants for both speed and figure were up slightly.

A discussion ensued regarding providing for separate Speed and Figure Regional Championships. A motion was made by Joe Cotter and duly seconded from the floor to provide for separate bidding for Speed and Figure Championships. The motion was approved 10/2.

A motion was made by Joe Cotter to limit bids for Regional Championships to a one year period rather than the current three years. Seconded by David Herlacher. The motion was approved 15/0.

A motion was made by Joe Cotter to rotate Regional Championship sites. There was no second to this motion and it was considered to be a dead issue.

Prior to the presentations from prospective Regional Championship hosts, a discussion was undertaken regarding who would vote for the Speed and who would vote for the Figure venues. Section 3, B, 2, (f) of the National By-Laws provides for voting for the Speed venue by Speed Clubs and for voting for the Figure venue by the Figure Clubs, however the Regional By-laws do not specifically provide for this. Doris Giardini will draft a revision to bring the Regional By-laws into conformance with the National By-laws and will present it for vote at the next meeting. In the meanwhile it was agreed that Speed clubs would abstain from the Figure vote and that the Figure clubs would abstain from the Speed vote.

Presentations were then made by Roller City Racing Team, Skateport, Skateville Dance & Figure and Warnoco Skating Clubs. During Roller City’s presentation their bid was withdrawn, Skateport’s was expanded to include both Figure and Speed and Skateville was changed to Figure only. Warnoco’s was unchanged for both Speed and Figure. This left two bids for Speed – Warnoco and Skateport – and two bids for Figure – Warnoco and Skateville. All of the bids appear to be in order and are appreciated.

A vote was held for the Speed venue and was tied 3/3; a second vote was held and also tied. It is noted that there is currently no procedure in the Regional By-laws to break a tie vote. It was suggested that Doris Giardini draft such a procedure. Subsequently Warnoco and Skateport agreed that Warnoco would take the Speed Championships for 2004 and Skateport would take it for 2005. A vote was then held for the Figure venue with Warnoco being selected 10/3. The 2004 Speed and Figure Championships will be held at Warnoco. Tentative dates were discussed with Speed being June 12/13, 2004, and Figure being June 26/27, 2004. Actual dates are the purview of the hosts.

A motion was made and seconded to approve the updated North Central Regional Association Constitution and By-laws. The motion was approved 12/0. Doris Giardini will look into further revisions related separate voting and breaking of tie votes.

Jim Ross then made a presentation related to the Regional Web Site. The information and his efforts are appreciated.

A discussion was held regarding placing an advertisement in the 2003 National Program. Assuming that we are not too late, a half page ad would run $150.00. A motion was made by Pat Hanaway and seconded by Sharon Johnson for the Regional Chairperson to place such an ad. The motion was approved.

Election of Officers followed. A motion was made by Richard Giardini and seconded by Sharon Johnson that the current officers be re-elected. The motion was approved unanimously.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn; vote was unanimous.