February 2003 Board Meeting Information

Here is a brief update from the board meeting.

  1. Cash prizes can now be given out at figure skating contests.
  2. Junior Figures has been reinstated. Eliminations: 18B, 31A, 34B Finals: 29B, 33A, 38B. The National Schedule will be revised.
  3. Resectioning has been put on the back burner, but they are going to be doing some restructuring of the events. More information to follow. The report is very lengthy.
  4. Effective 2003-2004, Junior World Class and Senior World Class dance skaters cannot skate solo dance in the same competitive season.
  5. Effective 2003-2004, Classic Figure Skaters cannot skate World Class Figures.
  6. They are looking at doing a Cup Series for all disciplines in 2003-2004 skating season.
  7. We will be getting different cards next year and the coaches card will no longer have a picture on it.
  8. The Congress and Expo will hopefully feature Mario(not sure last name) from Italy who will bring a pairs team, women singles skater, and men singles skater.
  9. No relay teams for the Outdoor Nationals.
  10. USA Roller Sports will host the 2005 World Hardball Championships.
  11. The changing of Creative Solo to Creative Dance was sent back to committee.
  12. The leader on CD's and tapes will be 3 seconds starting 2003-2004 skating season.
  13. Effective 2003-2004 skating season In-line skates cannot be used in Quad events. Also in inline events the skates must have either 3 or 4 wheels, with a toe stop in the front. Inline or Quad skates may be used in Precision or Show skating. This rule is for qualifying championships only.
  14. Effective 2003-2004 skating season, Advanced Co-ed Loops will do three repetitions for all loops and it will be skated as a final event.
  15. JO Level II Singles, effective 2003-2004, must contain 3 different spins, no more no less. Camel spins are permitted, entry and exit positions are optional.